A graphic designer and visual researcher. Previously, she worked at 2x4 and The Museum of Modern Art. Currently, she runs Gowaseo, a studio based in Seoul and Amsterdam.

Full CV and PDF portfolio is available upon request.
e-mail: goeunpark.work@gmail.com
Client lists
The Museum of Modern Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Fulbright University Vietnam, MIU MIU, Arumjigi (아름지기), and Yale School of Architecture
Teaching and Speaking
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Parsons The New School, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt), and Choreographic Research at Brown University
Rhode Island School of Design MFA Graphic Design

Sungkyunkwan University BA Graphic Design BA Law and Public Affair
Plant Gesture, Exhibition Graphic for Biophila, 
Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, 2020
Identity and Prints for Korean Culture Foundation Onjieum’s 
Culinary lab in France. Richelieu, FR, 2019

Party in the Garden, Event Identity and Prints,
The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), 2020

Constructs, News Magazine for Yale School of Architecture,
Yale school of Architecture, 2020

Graphic Rock, Printed Paper in Resin,
Plant Gesture, Biophilia, Gwangju, Asia Culture Center, 2020
Identity and Exhibition Design Re-Circulation, RISD MFA Graphic Design Graduate Show, 2019

Graphic for Carpet Series, Plant Gesture, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, 2020
Choreographic Forces: Staging Awkwardness, RISD MFA Thesis book, 2019
Information Designs for Various Projects, 2018 – presents
Observation Log, Publication Illustrating a Formal Similarity 
between Tools for Graphic design and Moon. 2018
The New York Times—El Llissitzky, Typographic Facts, 2017
Identity and Environmental Graphic for an Exhibition Play, Practice, Prototype, Critique
RISD Graphic Design Triennial, 2018

Bookend, Plant Gesture, Biophilia
Asia Culture Center, Gwanju, 2020
Poster design for MIU MIU Women’s Tales: 
The Wedding Singer’s Daughter, Venice Film Festival,  2018

Objects, Prints, Signage Design 
at The Museum of Modern Art, 2019–2020
Visitor Guide for the Blinds and People with Low-Vision, The Museum of Modern Art, 2019
Screen Savers, Video, Website, Plant Gesture, Biophilia, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, 2020
Type Design, Type Specimen Book Design for Stair Type, 2018
Identity proposal  for MoMA Magazine Take Five: 
Gallery Tour Guide, The Museum of Modern Art, 2020

Book design for Plywood, Marble, Concrete, Lard, 
Mirror, Corwyn Lund, 2018
Program Book Design for 2018 RISD MFA 
Thesis Presentation, 2018
Exhibition catalogue for To Whom it May Concern
RISD MFA GD Biennial, 2017

Website Design for Artist Jeamin Cha, 2020

Tooling, Drawing by Pen Plotter with 
Pencil and Pastel, 2016
Poster Design for Call for Submission for 
2018 RISD Graphic Design Triennial, 2018
Identity System for I Do Jisu, Fashion Brand in New York, 2019
Dancing on the Trackpad, Dance Notation for 
the Trackpad Gestures, 2017

Publication design for Dolmen Unesco 
World Heritage in Korea,  2017
Stickies, Screen record of Hand Gestures by Desktop 
Application Stickies, 36 sec, 2017
Art in the System, Poster Design to Celebrate 
Bauhaus Manifesto, 2018
Print This.pdf, Booklets and PDF files of Calibration Marks, 2017
Space Available, Projection, Window display into Empty Retail Space, Providence, RI, 2018

Book Design for Stair Patterns, Notation for the Movements in Staircase, 2019
Stair Pattern, Environmental Graphic 
on Staircase, Vinyl, 2019

Body Calligraphy, Letters Design by Potter’s Wheel 
(Movement Capturing Program), 2020

Dancing in the Book, A Video Projection on the Printed Graphic Book, 2016
Identity System for Dolmen Unesco 
World Heritage in Korea,  2017

Accordion Book about Swiss Graphic Designer, Armin Hofmann, 2018
Frog poster, 2018
Poster Design for Play Our Town, 2018