Goeun Park is a graphic designer creating graphic language with a focus on physical movement embeded in the tools. Previously, she has worked in Arumjigi; Korean culture foundation and 2x4.

A full portfolio and resume is available upon requested. gpark02@risd.edu


    The Conference Research on        
    Choreographic Interface
    Grandoff Center, Brown University,        
    Providence, RI. 2019

    Yale Odds and Ends Art Book Fair,
    Yale University, New Haven, CT. 2018


    To Whom It May Concern, RISD MFA        
    Graphic Design Biennial, SOL Koffler Gallery,
    Providence, RI. 2018


    Play, Practice, Prototype, Critique, RISD
    Graphic Design Triennial, Gelmen Gallery,
    Providence, RI. 2018


     Typography Elective, Winter 2019,
     Rhode Island School of Design.

     Typography II with Ernesto Arparcio
     Fall 2018, Rhode Island School of Design.
     Teaching Assistant

     Design Studio III with Paul Soullies
     Spring 2017, Rhode Island School of Design.
     Teaching Assistant

     Matters Lab with Peter Tagiuri
     Teaching Assistant

     Rhode Island School of Design
     MFA Graphic Design

     Sung Kyun Kwan University
     BA Law and Public Affairs
     BA Graphic Design